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Nov 28, 2012 · Peak‐to‐trough variations found with IR AEDs can be minimized by two approaches: (1) increase the dosing frequency of the IR formulation to lower the individual doses and lower the C max while raising the C min; or (2) reformulate the AED treatment in a once‐daily ER preparation to minimize peak‐to‐trough drug concentration ... Œ «ò£°-jˆø @badin¦AnŠš² ŽŠi›(¾Ø'¸ r­8e¯é¢ ©Èd§˜¼qse“° à£D½€·@ q¸Y©`mi¸P¾ÙJ±è ° ¾0 X¹È™"—p¾€›¡aŠ€…°®ûŸ¦¸Œ¾Aƒaam£¬ nnuy ¤aƤਠ¾(™É¼@‘اù±$³¢°ÜªŠœ@™ë³Ê¨H¡r­È­Y¡ ¡Ñ‰ß±'Š µaM b« †Èv¼¸ Ñ»i›Ëil„U­X¶¹¡ˆ½hŠJu¾pºHb®É ...