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Turntable vibration isolation platforms, tables, and base dampening. Audio reproduction and audiophile bases and shelf anti-vibration alternatives for reduction, elimination and damping. The industry's best performing vibration isolation system is now available in a cost-effective, low-height platform that even satisfies the WAF (Wifi Acceptance Factor). Turntables, due to both the extreme signal boost required (often in excess of 60 dB), and the potential for microphonic pick-up of air and floor-borne vibrations, are by far the most sensitive audio devices in your rack. There is a reason that the best-performing turntables have sophisticated systems to minimize external vibration's effects. Turntable Isolation Feet 6 products; Turntable Mats & Record Clamps 34 products; Cartridges 65 products; Music 551 products. HDCD 12 products; SACD 47 products; Vinyl LP's 483 products. Analogue Productions 114 products; Bob Dylan Promo 5 products; Budget Vinyl 4 products; Chasing the Dragon 16 products; Everest Classic Records 10 products ...The feet use TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) for better isolation and are adjustable to get it perfectly level. Pro-Ject also improved bearing and motor isolation. The built-in, precision electronic speed control assures you of more consistent speed and gives you the convenience of switching between 33 and 45 with the push of a button.