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Oct 05, 2013 · Idle Air Bleed: The idle air bleed could be the hardest working one of them all. Air to be mixed with idle fuel is provided by the idle air bleed. The idle mixture screws rely on air provided by... Quick Fuel Technology's new Street-Q carburetor is intended to deliver legendary Q-Series performance to hardcore street enthusiasts at a reduced price. The major differences between the Street-Q and the race-bred Q-Series is the substitution of cast metering blocks and a cast throttle body in place of fully-machined billet components. Dec 26, 2008 · Cross holes (air bleeds) are drilled in the main discharge tube, allowing the air to mix with the fuel inside the main well. As the throttle valve continues to open, additional fuel is drawn out of the main discharge tube, exposing additional cross holes. At full throttle, the fuel mixture is controlled by the size of the main fuel jet. You missed float level set to high you get rich running Also the idle air bleeds can be the wrong size if the idle mixture screws can't adjust out a rich idle. They supply the air to the mixture screws, and are replaceable on the Quick Fuel.