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PublicSafetyApp simplifies the police & fire hiring process by streamlining the recruitment & application process for fire & law enforcement job openings across the U.S. Certified Training Academy is a private trade school certified by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) to deliver training to the electronic security industry and locksmiths. Electronic security and locksmith businesses providing contract security services in Virginia must be licensed, including: The official website of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Learn about Virginia government, contact a state agency, and find the services and resources you need. The law enforcement officer certification is obtained by (1)successfully completing the basic law enforcement academy, (2)the law enforcement state certification exam and (3)completing field training for law enforcement officers within 12 months. The initial law enforcement officer certification is not valid until all three steps have been completed and the documentation of the required 100 hours minimum of law enforcement field training (DCJS Form FTO-OJT) has been sent to DCJS, and entered ...