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Honeywell Key Fob 5803-4 None Honeywell Temperature & Flood Detector 5821 Loop 1 - Freeze or Loop 3 - Flood Honeywell Carbon Monoxide Detector 5800CO ---- Must remove batteries to Auto Learn Honeywell Smoke Detector 5808W3 None Honeywell Smoke/CO COMBO 5800 -----Honeywell Glass Break Detector 5853 None Honeywell Tilt Sensor 5822T Loop 3 Only This listing is for 1 Honeywell 5800co. The 5800CO is a 3V battery powered wireless carbon monoxide (CO) detector meant to be used with Honeywell alarm systems that strengthen 5800 Series wireless devices. It supplies early warning when its electrochemical sensing technology measures carbon monoxide levels within the air. The 5800CO is Carbon Monoxide Protection Carbon monoxide (CO) protection is available with your system using the 5800CO Carbon Monoxide Detector. The 5800CO is a 3V battery powered wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector used with wireless alarm systems that support 5800 series devices. Carbon monoxide gas is a highly poisonous gas Oct 09, 2009 · We own a Carbon Monoxide Detector that been beeping every 30 seconds. We figured it was the battery so we replaced the 9v battery with a fresh one and plugged it back into the wall. Unfortunately, the CM detector continued to beep every 30 seconds.