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Description: Thompson Center Contender, .357Mag., 10-inch ported barrel; with factory iron sights; and Holden Iron Sighter see-thru scope mounts and rings that allow both iron sight and scope useage; very good overall condition. VISA/MC/Discover(add 3%), money orders, checks; $20shp. Monday, May 12, 1958 MAY 12, 1958. 11. Bostwick Wins College Golf; Sea Horses Belt Rutland, 20-5 RHS Thinclads Take First Win ' ' ( ft I Over Terriers The Rutland High track team took Us first ... Basically, it's a bolt-action rifle typically chambered in .308 Winchester (one of the most common big game calibers, and also a prevalent military caliber, designated as 7.62x51mm NATO), or a similar caliber, that weighs less than 3 kilos, is less than 1 meter in length, is usable with simple optics or iron sights and a simple sling, and will ...