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----- EPA-600/7-78-172a August 1978 Premixed One-dimensional Flame (PROF) Code User's Manual by Robert M. Kendall and John T. Kelly Acurex Corporation/Energy and Environmental Division 485 Clyde Avenue Mountain View, California 94042 Contract No. 68-02-2611 Task No. ,7 Program Element No. EHE624A EPA Project Officer: W. Steven Lanier Industrial Environmental Research Laboratory Office of ... 27650 / 24342 502 Soft tissue procedures without complications & comorbidity $12,100.00 Shoulder/Upper Extremity 23071 Excision, tumor, soft tissue of shoulder area, subcutaneous; 3 cm or greater $3,140.00 23120 Distal clavicle excision (shoulder) $4,840.00 23410 / 23412 Repair rotator cuff acute or chronic $6,250.00 Postal Code 27650 is located in Pahang. Near neighborhoods Felda Tersang 03, Kampung Kuala Medang, Sungai Koyan 1, Sungai Koyan 3. See Postal Code 27650, Malaysia - Map and Information.CPT Category I procedure codes billed by surgeons performing surgery on the same patient, submitted with modifier 62 (indicating two surgeons, i.e., dual procedures) will be included in the denominator population, therefore both surgeons will be fully accountable for the clinical action described in the