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Genetic and life history diversity among salmon and steelhead populations leads to considerable variability in their response to the marine environment. Conversely, events that occur during the marine phase of the life cycle can profoundly affect metapopulation structure and diversity of salmon and steelhead populations in fresh water. Feb 14, 2016 · Chinook salmon are a remarkably adaptable species. There is good reason to believe there are multiple populations of landlocked Chinook salmon completing their entire life cycle above Central Valley dams. We recently documented spawning above six of thirteen reservoirs that have been stocked with Chinook. In some cases, populations have ... Life cycle and typical behaviors: As with all Pacific salmon, chinook are anadromous. They are hatched in rivers; spend most of their life in the ocean and return to spawn in their rivers of origin. Freshwater chinook that have been transplanted hatch in tributaries, migrate out to lakes and return...Follow the life cycle of Chinook salmon, from tiny fry in the river to shimmery adults in the ocean, and back to river for spawning ... The King Salmon Life Cycle of Lake Michigan. I met with Scott Hansen Wisconsin Senior fisheries biologist. We are in Sturgeon ...