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Jun 04, 2018 · Section 4-9 : More Optimization. We want to construct a window whose middle is a rectangle and the top and bottom of the window are semi-circles. If we have 50 meters of framing material what are the dimensions of the window that will let in the most light? Sal constructs an equilateral triangle & a square whose bases are 100m together, such that their area is the smallest possible. Applied Optimization Problems. ... Solving Optimization Problems over a Closed, Bounded Interval. The basic idea of the optimization problems that follow is the same. We have a particular quantity that we are interested in maximizing or minimizing. ... Let's look at how we can maximize the area of a rectangle subject to some constraint on the ...The displacements of the deleting elements' nodes are known. As to the unknown displacements of the nodes on the boundary of the structure, traditional bidirectional evolutionary structural optimization method adopts extrapolation methods. Traditional extrapolation method can only be applied on regular rectangle element or cuboidal element.