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3D Object dataset [Savarese & Fei-Fei ICCV’07] Cars from EPFL dataset [Ozuysal et al. CVPR’09] Method Ours Ours - baseline DPM [7] Viewpoint 63.4% 34.0 49.5 Chairs, tables, sofas and beds from IMAGE NET [Deng et al. CVPR’09] [1] N. Payet and S. Todorovic. From contours to 3d object detection and pose estimation. In ICCV, 2011. Oct 05, 2018 · Our proposed architecture is shown to produce state of the art results on the KITTI 3D object detection benchmark [1] while running in real time with a low memory footprint, making it a suitable candidate for deployment on autonomous vehicles. Code is available at: